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It was a hot sunny afternoon on a Friday in June 1987. 20 engineers, young to middle aged, who had passed out from TKM College of Engineering met each other at the Indian Association, Sharjah. They took the dusty chairs from the Store room, cleaned them and sat under the hot tin roof of the hall with no air conditioning and started a discussion. Little did they realize that they were creating history! TKMCE UAE Chapter, which currently has a membership of over 1,200 and is probably the biggest alumni association in UAE was thus born!

The first meeting was presided by Mr.Balagangan, who was a faculty member and Mr.Natarajan, the seniormost member in the meeting, was elected as the President. Mr.George Sebastian (late) was nominated the Secretary and Mr.Balagangan was the Treasurer. They were the office bearers for the next three years. EXCOM meetings were held in the homes of office bearers and Mr. Joseph Thomas’s, all of which were in Karama.


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